Our Approach

Learning Approach

Encouraging critical thinking and creativity through interactive learning, fostering lifelong adaptability and problem-solving skills


Academic subjects are taught based on a guideline supported by Ministry of Education Malaysia. Classes are staffed by qualified teachers who have been selected for their specific personality traits, qualifications and their abilities to work well with young children. With a maximum class size of 20 children, each lesson is tailored to engage the children in a variety of learning experiences that are age-appropriate. With an exciting curriculum and dedicated teachers, children learn mostly by doing, participating in well-structured activities, learning its process and getting involved in a series of exciting hands-on activities.


Tadika Excel Kids believes learning happens best when it occurs within a meaningful context. We recognize the importance of not only imparting knowledge but also fostering a love for learning. By integrating fun and interactive elements into our curriculum, we create an environment where children eagerly participate and absorb knowledge effortlessly.

Tadika Excel Kids has a variety of engaging activities planned throughout the year, each designed to align with our Monthly Theme and are crafted with the intention of offering meaningful learning experiences. The enthusiasm and joy that radiate from the children at Tadika Excel Kids during these activities are a testament to the success of our approach.


A safe and secure environment in which children can develop desirable skills and achieve their full potential is of paramount importance for many preschools today. A child’s learning and personality are often shaped by the environment in which s/he interacts. In other words, the environment the individual child grows up in and things s/he sees around her will also influence his/her early learning.

A strong emphasis is therefore placed at Tadika Excel Kids on creating the kind of learning environment that promotes autonomous learning and inner contentment; one that’s also capable of strengthening the child’s feelings of belonging and competence at the same time.

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