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Programmes & Modules
The following programmes and modules are offered at Tadika Excel Kids.

✅ Reading Programme for BM and BI.

✅ Iqra’ Reading using Kaedah Al-Hira’.

✅ Excel Scientist Module based on STEM education.

✅ Excel Muslim Module (Smart Wudhu & Solat, Hafazan Surahs & Du'a, Adab & Akhlaq).

✅ Entrepreneur module.

✅ Additional Programme: Taekwondo Class.

Offline Learning

What will kids learn?
Academic subjects are taught based on a guideline supported by Ministry of Education Malaysia.

The following academic subjects (KSPK based) are offered at Tadika Excel Kids.

•Bahasa Malaysia• English• Mathematics• Science• Pendidikan Islam• Jawi• Bahasa Arab• Art and Craft•Physical Education•
Excel Kids Flagship Activities

Children in Tadika Excel Kids are often having fun participating in all of these activities during their school time.

• Excel Kids Mini Garden
• Excel Kids with Bomba
• Excel Kids Show and Tell Day
• Excel Kids Mini Cities
• Excel Kid Little Preneur Day
• Simulasi Keselamatan Jalan Raya
• Excel Kids Kurma Venture
• Excel Kids Cilik Soleh
• Chef Cilik
• Excel Kids with Klinik Gigi
• Vegetables & Fruits Costume Day
• Simulasi Haji Cilik
• Excel Kids Ambition Day
• Young Innovator Day

Throughout the year, Tadika Excel Kids is always full of activities and events, and this make such wonderful memories to all.

• Parent’s Briefing and Registration Day
• Orientation Week
• Excel Kids Sports Day
• School Trips
• Hari Konsultasi Ibu Bapa dan Guru
• Photography Day
• Hari Apresiasi Bakat dan Graduasi
• Sambutan Hari Guru
• Sambutan Hari Raya Aidilfitri
• Sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan
Teaching Approach

• Child Centred
• Learning through Play
• Integrated Approach
• Thematic Approach
• Project based learning
• Multiple Intelligence
Learning Concept
• Learning by doing
• Learning by activities
• Learning by process
• Learning by project

Online Learning

The combination of attractive visual content as well as learning kits provided to students, we can provide an effective learning format and engage students. You can see in our youtube channel, the content we provide is quality and interesting.
More in Youtube Channel
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Kindergarten 4, 5 and 6 years old.
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